Footwear Modifications by ShoeMedic

Welcome to, your resource for expert footwear modifications tailored to enhance comfort, support, and functionality for individuals with specific foot needs. Our comprehensive range of modifications is designed to address various orthopedic concerns and improve overall foot health. Here’s a detailed look at some of the key footwear modifications we offer:

1.Heel Lifts and Flares

Description: Heel lifts or flares adjust the height or width of the heel to correct leg length discrepancies or provide stability.
Benefits: Improves alignment, balance, and reduces strain on joints.

2. Rocker Soles

Description: Curved shoe bottoms that facilitate a smooth roll-through motion during walking.
Benefits: Assists individuals with limited joint motion, reduces pressure on specific foot areas.

3. Metatarsal Bars and Pads

Description: Inserts placed under the metatarsal heads to redistribute pressure and relieve pain.
Benefits: Alleviates forefoot pain, enhances weight distribution.

4. Custom Insoles and Orthotics

Description: Custom-made inserts designed to support and align the foot within the shoe.
Benefits: Provides arch support, corrects foot alignment issues, enhances comfort.

5. Stretching and Widening

Description: Shoes can be stretched or widened to accommodate foot deformities, bunions, or swelling.
Benefits: Improves comfort, reduces friction and pressure points.

6. Sole Build-ups

Description: Addition of material to the shoe sole to correct leg length discrepancies or gait abnormalities.
Benefits: Enhances balance, symmetry, and gait mechanics.

7. Closure and Fastening Adjustments

Description: Modifications to closures such as velcro straps or lacing systems to improve ease of use.
Benefits: Assists individuals with limited mobility or dexterity, ensures a secure fit.

8. Custom Shoe Design and Construction

Description: Fully custom-made shoes crafted to fit the unique shape and requirements of individual feet.
Benefits: Maximizes comfort, support, and functionality, particularly for complex foot conditions.

9. Insurance Coverage for Footwear Modifications

Description: Information on insurance providers and coverage options for permanent and non-permanent footwear modifications.


At, we understand the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear. Our range of modifications ensures that your shoes are tailored to meet your unique foot health needs. Whether you require minor adjustments or custom-made solutions, is committed to enhancing your mobility and overall well-being through expert footwear modifications.