Cleaning & conditioning

ShoeMedic can throroughly clean and polish your leather jackets and other garments. We can also add weather protection to your jackets, and buff them out for a perfect shine. We clean not only leather, but suede, reptile leather, and everything in between.

Zipper Replacements

If you’re struggling to zip your garments, bring them in for our team to take a look. We can fix worn zippers or adjust the teeth of the zipper to align again. We can also replace the zipper entirely.


Our team at ShoeMedic help get your garments looking and feeling new again. We are able to repair tears and rips in your garments with stitching. For more serious damage, we can patch your leather goods by replacing the leather. Stitching can also be used to repair frayed seams.

Tear and cut Repairs

ShoeMedic is here to help refresh your worn garments for you! We can repair any tears and rips in your garments, and get them back into wearable shape.

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