Purse Repair

Apart from designer shoe repair, Shoe Medic also offers designer purse repair services, leather repairs and Handbag Repair in Toronto. We have a team of professionals who are adept in the art of restoration and cleaning of a wide range of purses. You can count on us for the complete refurbishing of the inner and outer sides of your purse as all other Luxury Handbag Repair. The services offered here range from purse strap and chain replacement, new handles, color matching, dying, vintage purse restoration, charms replacement, repair and replacement of linings, Zipper Repair in Toronto and replacement, in-house cleaning, replacement of charms, beads, and stones, hardware replacements, and stuff like that. In case, you haven’t availed our services in past, we invite you to pay a visit and give us a chance to restore your precious purses.

Whether you have a luxury weekend bag or an everyday handbag, keeping it in tip-top condition will ensure years of use to come. Here at Shoe Medic, we specialize in luxury bag repairs in Toronto, plus our cleaning and alteration services are second to none.

Leather Repairs in Toronto

Leather, suede and fabric bags can all pick up dirt and spills, both inside and out. Our expert staff can remove even the most persistent stains, including salt marks if you are unlucky enough to have been splashed. Interiors and linings can pick up stains from ink, makeup and gum, all easily removed by our technicians, while taking care of the look and finish of your designer bag.

If necessary, we can color match any discoloration, restoring your bag to its original condition. If your bag is well loved and well used, it may be time for a complete color change to bring it up to date. Our friendly staff can advise you if this is possible.

Mold and odors are sure that your designer bag needs our care and attention before the damage spread and affects the surface of the Leather Cleaning Toronto.

Rips and tears needn’t mean the end for your favorite bag, as our high-quality stitching service can take care of it. Broken zippers and buckles can be repaired or replaced, leaving your luxury bag as good as new.

Why not call us today to experience our luxury bag repair service in Toronto?

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