ShoeMedic can throroughly clean and polish all of your handbags and accessories. We can also add weather protection to your handbags, and buff them out for a perfect shine. We clean not only leather, but suede, reptile leather, and everything in between.


Our team at ShoeMedic can recolor your handbag, whether that be renewing it’s original color or changing the color completely. We can work with you to find the perfect shade for your handbags.


Whether you’d like to lengthen the straps on your purse, add accessories to your bag or make any other kind of alteration, ShoeMedic is here to help!


If you’re struggling to zip your bags, bring them in for our team to take a look. We can fix worn zippers or adjust the teeth of the zipper to align again. We can also replace the zipper entirely.


Our team at ShoeMedic can tell you the best way to get your handbags looking and feeling new again. We are able to repair tears and rips in your purses and other leather articles with stitching. For more serious damage, we can patch your leather goods by replacing the leather. Stitching can also be used to repair frayed seams.


It’s common for the straps on your handbag to wear out with daily use. ShoeMedic can repair fraying, worn or ripped straps to get your handbag looking brand new again. We can repair the strap you already have, or completely replace it if necessary.


If the lining of your handbag is stained, torn, or worn out, ShoeMedic can help! We can replace the lining of your bag with the color/pattern of your choice.


If you’ve broken or misplaced any accessories on your handbag, we can help you find replacement parts and install them for you. This includes buckles, zips, logos, and anything else you might be looking for.


ShoeMedic specializes in custom bags. We can help with anything you have in mind! Give ShoeMedic a call, and we can bring your dream bag to life!

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