Are You Ready To Extend The Life Of Your Luggage?

Your luggage has a hard life, thrown continuously from car to the baggage carousel to the airplane and back again, with no thought as to how much it cost. If you have invested in designer luggage, you want it to last a lifetime, expecting it to be manufactured to a very high standard.

However, even normal wear and tear can affect the appearance and functionality of your luggage, requiring professional attention to resolve the problem. With multiple parts in danger of damage, including zippers, buckles, belts and wheels, it pays to check your luggage after every journey.

In many ways, your luggage is just a larger version of your cherished bags and purses and should be treated with the same care and respect.

Our luggage repair service in Toronto has many years of experience in dealing with large cases, carry-on bags, briefcases, suitcases and backpacks, with professional staff available to advise on the best options.

Always inspect your luggage before storing it, checking it is clean and dry, and no damp fabric encourages mildew. Ensure it is stored in a cold, sterile environment with no humidity and away from direct sunlight.

Although your luggage may seem sturdy, don’t position it underneath heavy or sharp objects that may bend the frame or rip the fabric.

Your designer luggage should last for years with the right care and attention, seeking professional help as required.


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