Blundstone is an Australian company who create durable, comfortable footwear, specializing in the versatile Chelsea boot style. While Blundstone boots are designed to last, we can provide that extra care to help prolong their life, with cleaning a priority.

Whether your boots are leather, suede or canvas, we can remove all types of stains and dirt, restoring them to their original condition.

Scuffs and scratches are a thing of the past in the hands of our professional staff.

The rugged, chunky soles of Blundstone boots are built to last, but after a period of prolonged use in all weathers, may need replacing or repairing by our expert technicians, extending the life of your footwear even further.

If any eyelets work loose or become detached, we can repair them with ease.

Why not contact us today to discover how we can look after your Blundstone boots?


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