Fendi is a multinational luxury fashion brand, originally founded in Rome in 1925, known for its exotic leather goods and desirable purses.

If you are lucky enough to own a superbly crafted Fendi bag, you will need professional help to keep it in pristine condition. Our experts here at Shoe Medic have the necessary skills to handle high quality leather, ensuring it retains its looks, color and finish.

Let us remove those persistent stains and spills, cleaning both the exterior and the lining if required. We can repair or replace damaged buckles, fastenings, straps and chains, restoring your purse to its original condition.

The heels and soles of your Fendi boots and shoes will benefit from replacement, carefully fitted by our specialized technicians. Scuffs, rips and tears can all be handled by our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Why not ask us today how we can restore your Fendi accessories?


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