Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands, with its instantly recognisable trademark, founded in Italy in 1921, and known for its top class leather goods. With its range of luggage, clutches, bags, backpacks and purses, a Gucci accessory is to be treasured and treated with professional care and attention. Our experienced staff at Shoe Medic know how to handle the most precious of leather bags, without disturbing their looks, color and finish.

Our cleaning and repair services are second to none, restoring your bags to their original condition. Even the most persistent of stains can be removed, from either the exterior or the lining of your purse.

You may have travelled the world with your Gucci luggage, leaving it somewhat worse for wear, but our specialized technicians can soon restore it, replacing or repairing zippers, buckles and straps as required.

Having invested in a pair of Gucci boots or shoes, you should ensure they are kept in tip-top condition, and we are happy to fit replacement soles and heels, clean any scuffs and repair any damage.

Why not ask our friendly staff about restoring your Gucci bags and shoes?


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