Luxury Belt Alterations, Cleaning and Repair

It may not be the most sought after fashion accessory, but a high-quality, well-fitting belt can pull an outfit together with its style and versatility. Top designers including Gucci, Hermes and Valentino are all known for crafting pure leather and suede men’s and women’s belts. If you have a luxury belt in your collection, it should last for years with professional attention to keep it in tip-top condition.

Here at Shoe Medic, our professional staff specializes in alterations and cleaning, and our leather repair service in Toronto has many satisfied customers. If you have a belt that you haven’t worn for ages because it doesn’t fit properly, we can re-size it, shortening or adding an extra hole as necessary and moving the buckle as required.

Leather is notorious for picking up dirt and stains, and we will be happy to clean your designer belt, restoring its original color and keeping the matte or shiny finish. Grease stains and mildew can ruin the look of your luxury belt, and rest assured; we can take care of your prized possession, bringing it back to life for years to come.

Scratches and tears can be repaired, and our specialist technicians can fix any loose stitching.

Of course, not all luxury belts are pure leather; suede is a favorite material of designers and requires special treatment to remove that shabby look that can occur after a period of prolonged wear.

Why not call our leather repair service in Toronto today to see how we can restore your belt to its former glory?


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