Proven Steps to Care for Your Designer Shoes

Designer shoes require a significant investment, and whether you own one pair or hundreds, it is worth taking the time to look after them.

Tempting as it may be, you shouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes day after day. Being made of high-quality leather, they need time to breathe and return to their regular shape. If you wear them too often, or for too long, they can end up out of shape and stretched.

Of course, wear and tear accounts for the most damage, particularly on the soles and heels. Having your shoes repaired at the first sign of damage can significantly extend their life. As one of the best shoe repair stores in Toronto, we are happy to offer advice on how to care for your designer shoes.

Those of you owning Louboutins may be concerned about losing that gorgeous red color by having the soles replaced. There is no need to worry as a skilled craftsman can match the exact color, making your shoes look as good as new. Louboutin soles can also be dyed to restore them to their original shiny condition.

As regards heel tips, don’t wait until they disintegrate and you are walking on the nail itself. Heel repair definitely extends the life of a shoe. Even vintage shoes can be restored to their former glory.

Once your shoes are repaired, don’t just throw them in the closet. Using a cedar shoe tree will help maintain their shape to ensure they continue to give you pleasure for years to come!


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