Mens shoe and boot


ShoeMedic can thoroughly clean and polish all of your shoes or leather articles. We can also add weather protection to your shoes, and buff them out for a perfect shine. We clean not only leather, but suede, sneakers, and everything in between.


Our team at ShoeMedic can recolor your shoes for you, whether that be renewing it’s original color or changing the color completely. We can work with you to find the perfect shade for your shoes.


If your heels are worn, the way you walk will be impacted. It’s often quite noticeable and uncomfortable. ShoeMedic can repair or replace heels to let your shoes live on and help get your posture back to normal.


Most leather can be stretched up to half a shoe size. If your shoes feel tight or leave you sore, stretching them out might be just what you need.


Do you find yourself slipping often in your new shoes? At ShoeMedic we can add an anti-slip rubber sole to your favourite pair of shoes to help keep that from happening. We have a variety of anti-slip soles to choose from, as well as soles that are compatible with designer pumps. Anti-slip soles not only help keep you from slipping, they also protect the bottom of your shoes to prolong the shoe’s life.


If the bottom of your shoes are worn and becoming uncomfortable, our team at ShoeMedic can replace your soles completely.


If you’re struggling to zip your shoes or bags, bring them in for our team to take a look. We can fix worn zippers or adjust the teeth of the zipper to align again. We can also replace the zipper entirely.


Our team at ShoeMedic can tell you the best way to get your shoes looking and feeling new again. We are able to repair tears and rips in your handbag, shoes, and other leather articles with stitching. For more serious damage, we can patch your leather goods by replacing the leather. Stitching can also be used to repair frayed seams.


Whether you’d like to make your heels higher, lengthen the straps on your purse, add accessories to your boots, or any other kind of alteration, ShoeMedic is here to help!