Saphir 100% Thermal Insoles

Saphir 100% Thermal Insoles

USD $15.99

100% pure padded wool insoles made for exremely cold conditions.

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Upper side: 100% pure padded wool to guarantee comfort and warmth.
Underside: aluminium heat insulation strip to guarantee perfect thermal protection (wool side in contact with the foot).

Recommended for extremely cold conditions.

Materials: pure padded wool and aluminium

Can be refreshed with Saphir Shoe Deo.

Sizes 36 – 46.


When the mercury drops and the world becomes a frosty wonderland, your feet deserve more than just protection—they deserve a luxurious sanctuary. Introducing the Saphir 100% Thermal Insoles, the epitome of foot comfort designed for those intrepid souls who refuse to be deterred by the coldest conditions.

Unyielding Warmth Meets Unparalleled Craftsmanship:
Immerse your feet in the sheer bliss of 100% pure padded wool. Every fiber has been meticulously selected, ensuring that each step resonates with warmth and comfort. Whether you’re trudging through a snow-blanketed forest or facing the icy gusts of urban winter mornings, these insoles stand as your trusty ally, promising warmth in the coldest hours.

Dual-Layered Design for Optimal Protection:

  • Upper Side: Revel in the natural insulation and plush softness of pure padded wool, a material known for its unique ability to regulate temperature and provide consistent warmth.
  • Underside: The genius lies in the integration of an aluminium heat insulation strip. It’s more than just a layer—it’s a thermal barrier that deflects the cold and traps in the much-needed warmth.

Additional Features:

  • Materials: A harmonious union of nature’s finest wool and state-of-the-art aluminium technology.
  • Versatility: Designed to fit a diverse range of footwear, these insoles come in sizes 36 to 46, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the luxurious embrace of warmth.

Winter has a way of testing our resolve, but with the Saphir 100% Thermal Insoles, you’re always a step ahead. Venture out, explore snowy trails, walk on frosted pathways, or simply enjoy the serene beauty of a winter day, knowing that beneath your feet lies a bastion of warmth and comfort. For those who believe that winter is not a season to endure but a time to relish, these insoles are your perfect companion. Indulge in the warmth, celebrate the chill, and let every step be a testament to unmatched comfort and style.

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