Saphir Anti-Odor & Anti-Bacterial Shoe Insoles

Saphir Anti-Odor & Anti-Bacterial Shoe Insoles

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Fabric and latex insoles made to prevent odor and fight bacteria.

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Upper side: perforated fabric for improved ventilation. Anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment (mint fragrance).
Underside: treated latex foam with non-slip surface.

Materials: fabric and latex.

Can be refreshed with Saphir Shoe Deo, if needed.

Sizes 36-46.


Introducing the Saphir Anti-Odour and Anti-Bacterial Insoles – a harmonious blend of sophisticated design and advanced technology, catering to the modern-day demands of foot comfort and hygiene. These insoles are a tribute to those who yearn for an invigorating, fresh-footed experience, every step of the way.

Unparalleled Freshness for Every Step You Take Say goodbye to the uncomfortable, trapped heat that plagues most shoes. The upper side of these insoles is adorned with a meticulously perforated fabric, ensuring enhanced breathability and improved ventilation for your feet. But that’s not all. Each insole comes with a specialized anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment, infused with a subtle mint fragrance. Experience the joy of fresh, odour-free feet, regardless of how long you’ve had your shoes on.

Secure Comfort Beneath Your Feet The underside of the insole boasts a treated latex foam, designed to provide the perfect cushioning for your footfalls. Its non-slip surface guarantees that once it’s in place, it stays there, providing consistent comfort. The textile surface, thoughtfully positioned in direct contact with your foot, further amplifies the feeling of softness and support.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Ventilation: The perforated fabric ensures that your feet can breathe easy, no matter the intensity of your day.
  • Unmatched Hygiene: With its anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment, your feet remain protected from common foot issues, keeping them healthy and fragrant.
  • Steadfast Support: The insole’s underside is a marvel in comfort technology, with its treated latex foam providing cushioning and its non-slip surface ensuring stability.
  • Optimal Thickness: At 3.5 mm, these insoles strike the perfect balance between providing adequate cushioning and fitting seamlessly into your shoes.


  • Materials: Premium fabric and latex
  • Available Sizes: From shoe size 36 to 46

Step into a world of unparalleled foot comfort and hygiene with the Saphir Anti-Odour and Anti-Bacterial Insoles. Whether it’s a challenging workday or an exhilarating dance night, trust these insoles to keep your feet fresh, comfortable, and ready for whatever comes next. Elevate your shoe experience — because every step counts!

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