Saphir Cotton Insoles

Saphir Cotton Insoles

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Natural cotton-based insole for wearing shoes “barefoot”.

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Upper side: edged natural terry towelling to prevent hot feet and absorb perspiration. Anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment.
Underside: high density non-slip latex foam to guarantee greater comfort by absorbing impacts.

Natural cotton-based insole for wearing shoes “barefoot”.

Materials: terry towelling and latex.

Can be refreshed with Saphir Shoe Deo.

Sizes 36-46.


Luxury and comfort are often spoken of but rarely felt, especially when it comes to our feet. With Saphir Cotton Insoles, we present an exquisite meld of nature and craftsmanship, delivering unparalleled comfort for those who prefer the uninhibited sensation of going “barefoot” in their favorite pair of shoes.

The Touch of Nature at Your Feet: Crafted with precision, our insoles boast a top layer of natural terry towelling. This specially chosen material mirrors the gentleness of cotton, providing a soft cushion that pampers your feet with every step. More than just comfort, this woven fabric actively combats perspiration, ensuring that even on the busiest days, your feet remain dry, fresh, and cocooned in breathable luxury.

A Fresh Step Forward: Never let foot odour interrupt your stride. Our insoles are integrated with cutting-edge anti-bacterial and anti-odour treatment. Every step you take is accompanied by a subtle hint of mint fragrance, providing a refreshing sensation and ensuring your feet remain as aromatic as they are comfortable.

Unwavering Support and Durability: Beneath the plush terry towelling lies a layer of our high-density, non-slip latex foam. This isn’t just any foam; it’s a promise of superior support, meticulously designed to absorb the shocks and stresses of daily life. Whether you’re pacing through a busy day, dancing the night away, or enjoying a leisurely walk, your feet will feel cradled and cared for.

Easy Maintenance, Lasting Freshness: Understanding the needs of the modern individual, we’ve made our insoles effortlessly washable at 30°. This ensures that they not only provide enduring comfort but also maintain their freshness and shape, use after use.

Product Specifics:

  • Materials: A luxurious blend of high-quality terry towelling and resilient latex.

Rediscover the joy of walking and the luxury of comfort with Saphir Cotton Insoles. By merging traditional materials with state-of-the-art design, we’ve created an insole that doesn’t just support your feet—it cherishes them. Step into a world where every footfall is a gentle embrace from nature, and treat your feet to an experience they won’t soon forget.

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