Saphir Foam Applicator with Handle

Saphir Foam Applicator with Handle

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Foam pad on a metallic stem made for the application of dye.

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Foam pad on a metallic stem for the application of dye.

Wool daubers are easy to use when applying dye to small or large areas. Apply the first layer left to right, the second up and down, then in circular motions to ensure even coating. Let the first coat dry thoroughly. Repeat with additional coats of dye until it reaches the desired color.

Works best for things like shoe dyes or heel and edge dressing.



Elevate your leather maintenance to a masterful level with the Saphir Foam Applicator with Handle. This elegantly designed tool blends perfect ergonomics with the high-quality materials that Saphir is renowned for. Here’s why this foam applicator is a game-changer for anyone invested in the enduring charm of leather goods.

Steady Application: The metallic handle provides a secure grip, ensuring a steady and reliable application process. It’s not just a tool; it’s an extension of your hand, designed for those who appreciate accuracy.

High-Quality Foam: The plush foam end is exceptionally crafted to smoothly apply various types of products, be it polishes, creams, or pastes. The foam’s texture ensures an even application that penetrates leather for a deeply nourishing treatment.

Pinpoint Precision: The applicator’s size and design are perfect for those hard-to-reach, smaller spaces on your leather goods. Whether it’s the heel of a shoe or a finely crafted leather purse, this applicator gets the job done without a fuss.

Versatility at its Best: Primarily designed for dye application, this applicator shines in multiple roles. It’s perfect for edge dressing and heel care, as well as applying a broad spectrum of leather care products.

Craftsman’s Choice: Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to venture into patina or dye work, or a professional in leather crafts, this foam applicator is an industry-standard must-have. Its versatility and design make it essential for achieving that flawless finish.

Convenient Size: Measuring at 9cm, this applicator is the perfect blend of utility and portability. Its compact size means it’s easy to store and even easier to use.

How To Use: Simply dip the plush end into your desired polish, cream, or dye, and apply to the leather in gentle, circular motions for even coverage.

When it comes to leather care, precision and quality are paramount. The Saphir Foam Applicator with Handle delivers on both fronts, offering a refined experience that turns leather maintenance into an art form. Invest in this indispensable tool today and master the craft of leather care.

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