Saphir Large Metal Shoe Horn

Saphir Large Metal Shoe Horn

USD $27.99

A handcrafted and sturdy metal shoe horn that preserves the shape of shoes and prevents heel damage.

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Shoe horn in silver-colored stainless metal.

For putting on your shoes without damaging the backs of them.

52 cm.


Extend the life of your shoes while enjoying an effortless and stylish daily routine with the Saphir Large Metal Shoe Horn. At an impressive 52 cm in length and crafted from silver-colored stainless metal, this is more than just a shoe accessory—it’s an investment in the longevity and aesthetics of your footwear. Here’s why this premium shoe horn is a must-have:

Preserve Your Shoes: Why bend and break the back of your shoes when you can keep them looking new? The Saphir Large Metal Shoe Horn is specifically designed to guide your feet seamlessly into your shoes, eliminating the need to crush the heel counter. It’s an essential tool for anyone who values their shoes as a long-term investment.

Easy and Comfortable Use: The 52 cm length means you won’t need to bend down or strain your back to put on your shoes. It’s the perfect blend of utility and luxury, making your morning routine smoother than ever.

Quality You Can Trust: Made of silver-colored stainless metal, this shoe horn is not only stylish but also incredibly durable. Its resistance to corrosion and tarnishing ensures that it will maintain its luster and effectiveness for years to come.

Ideal for Every Shoe: Whether you’re slipping into your favorite pair of loafers, boots, or dress shoes, this shoe horn works impeccably well with all types of footwear. It’s a universal solution for a common problem.

How To Use: Hold the shoe horn against the back of your shoe and slide your foot in. The design ensures a smooth, curve-hugging fit for your heel, helping your feet slip into your shoes without causing any damage.

For All Shoe Lovers: If you want to take meticulous care of your shoes, especially while putting them on, a high-quality shoe horn like this one from Saphir is indispensable.

Enhance your shoe-wearing experience and prolong the life of your prized footwear. Opt for the Saphir Large Metal Shoe Horn—where durability meets elegance in a package that your shoes will thank you for.

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