Saphir Large Wooden Shoe Horn

Saphir Large Wooden Shoe Horn

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A large wooden shoe horn made to help you put your shoes on with minimal damage.

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Large wooden shoe horn.

To help you put on your shoes without damaging the backs of the shoe.

Made of beech wood with a leather strap.

65 cm.


Steeped in tradition and crafted for longevity, the Saphir Large Wooden Shoe Horn is not just a practical tool; it’s an invitation to indulge in a luxurious ritual that respects both your footwear and your body. Here’s why this 65cm long beechwood masterpiece deserves a place in every discerning individual’s shoe care kit:

Preserve the Elegance of Your Footwear: When it comes to shoes, details matter. Using a shoe horn is a non-negotiable step in preserving the structural integrity and elegance of your shoes. With our beechwood shoe horn, you avoid unnecessary bending or unnatural breaking of the back stiffened part of your shoe’s upper, thus prolonging their lifespan and aesthetic appeal.

Ergonomic Design: At 65 cm in length, this shoehorn ensures that you can slip into your shoes without bending over, thus sparing your spine from undue stress. It’s not just a tool; it’s a health-conscious choice.

Superior Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality beechwood and finished with a luxurious leather strap for easy handling and storage, this shoehorn blends durability with timeless style.

Multi-Functional: While its primary function is to assist in putting on shoes, the ergonomic design and quality craftsmanship make it a versatile addition to your wardrobe routine, saving your spine and heels from unnecessary wear and tear.

Natural Materials: The use of beechwood and leather not only makes this shoe horn ecologically responsible but also offers an aesthetic charm that enhances your daily routine.

How to Use: Simply insert the contoured edge of the shoe horn between your heel and the shoe. Slide your foot in effortlessly, avoiding any harm to your shoe or back. Hang it by its leather strap when not in use, either as a statement piece or tucked away but always within arm’s reach.

Invest in Your Footwear, Invest in Yourself: Footwear is an investment that deserves meticulous care. Don’t let haste lead to the degradation of your shoes or discomfort to your back. The Saphir Large Wooden Shoe Horn is a wise choice for those who understand the importance of well-crafted tools in daily life.

Elevate your shoe-wearing experience with the Saphir Large Wooden Shoe Horn, where luxury meets practicality, and style meets substance.

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