Saphir Mud Remover Brush

Saphir Mud Remover Brush

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A shoe brush with synthetic silk bristles that effectively removes dirt from shoes while protecting the leather grain.

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Efficiently removes earth and mud deposits while protecting the grain of the leather. Equipped with rigid bristles to eliminate solid dirt like dry mud.

Perfect for suede and nubuck care and can be used for maintenance on velvet, suede, nubuck or reverse chamois leather.

Varnished beech wood handle.

The design of the brush allows you to reach into the smallest of spaces.

Overall length and width = 15 cm and 2 cm (code: 2635)
Length, width and height bristles: 6 cm, 2.5 cm and 2 cm


Saphir Mud Remover Brush is an exceptional product that is highly effective in removing mud and dirt deposits from your shoes. It is a top-of-the-line shoe care product designed to protect the grain of your leather while efficiently removing earth and mud deposits from your shoes. This shoe care product is made with the highest quality varnished beech wood handle and synthetic silk bristles to ensure that it is durable and highly effective.

The bristles of Saphir Mud Remover Brush are specifically designed to remove mud and other debris from the grain of the leather, leaving your shoes looking clean and fresh. This feature makes it an excellent choice for people who want to ensure that their shoes always look their best. Furthermore, it is incredibly efficient and effective, quickly removing dirt and grime from your shoes without causing any damage to them.

Using Saphir Mud Remover Brush is incredibly easy, and it is a perfect choice for people who want to save time while keeping their shoes clean. Simply apply the brush to the affected area, working the bristles into the mud or dirt until it is removed. The bristles are gentle enough to prevent damage to the leather, making it a safe choice for luxury shoe owners.

One of the standout features of this shoe care product is its varnished beech wood handle. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also highly functional. It provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy handling of the brush, ensuring that you can clean your shoes quickly and easily. In addition, you can use it for an extended period without experiencing any discomfort in your hands.

In summary, Saphir Mud Remover Brush is a high-quality shoe care product that efficiently removes earth and mud deposits from your shoes while protecting the grain of the leather. Its durable construction, gentle bristles, and easy-to-use design make it the perfect choice for luxury shoe owners who want to keep their shoes looking their best. Get your hands on this product today and experience the difference it makes in the care of your shoes.

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