Saphir Polar Insoles

Saphir Polar Insoles

USD $15.99

Polar insoles for protection against cold. Light thermal compression moulding for optimum comfort.

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Polar fibre does not capture or absorb perspiration, does not lose it shape. It is rot-proof.

Recommended for cold conditions.

Materials: synthetic insulation and high density latex.

Can be refreshed with Saphir Shoe Deo.

Sizes 36 – 46.


When the mercury dips and winter’s icy breath beckons, there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Introducing Saphir Polar Insoles, your trusted partner to combat the chilling cold, ensuring that your feet remain enveloped in warmth, irrespective of how frosty it gets outside. These insoles are really an amazing option for these cold Canadian winters.

Tailored Warmth, Optimum Comfort:
Experience the magic of light thermal compression moulding, a process meticulously designed to provide your feet with cushioned comfort while offering superior insulation against the biting cold. No more tiptoeing through snow or shivering through winter walks; these insoles are your passport to cozy, warm adventures.

Advanced Polar Fibre Technology:
The brilliance of our Polar Insoles lies in the choice of materials. The advanced Polar fibre has been crafted with precision to ensure it neither captures nor absorbs perspiration. This means your feet remain dry and comfortable even during prolonged use. What’s more? The innovative material does not lose its shape and is rot-proof, ensuring that the insoles are a durable and long-lasting addition to your winter gear.

Dual-Layered Excellence:

  • Upper side: This layer features a specially curated warm, insulating material, meticulously chosen to fend off the winter chill.
  • Underside: Made of high-density latex, this layer is all about absorption. It actively soaks up perspiration, ensuring that your feet remain fresh and odor-free.

Product Specifics:

  • Materials: Premium blend of cutting-edge synthetic insulation and absorbent high-density latex.
  • Shoe Sizes: Versatile range of sizes from 36 to 46, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit.

When winter knocks, greet it with confidence and warmth. Choose Saphir Polar Insoles and step into a world where cold is just a word, not a feeling. Remember, every winter adventure starts from the ground up, so equip your feet with the best. After all, your comfort should never be seasonal.

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