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Saphir Small Spreading Brush

CAD $4.95

This high-quality spreading brush is perfect for applying shoe polishes and creams to narrow areas like the welt of your shoes.

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The brush handle is crafted from high-quality hand-polished Sipo wood, which is a particularly dense red-brown wood with a dark grain.

The brush head is made from white boar bristles.

Made in France.

The Small Spatula Brush is used to apply creams and polish on hard-to-reach places, particularly around the stitching and the welt.

This is suitable for removing dirt and dust in shoe crevices. It can also be used with creams to clean and condition the welt and stitching, and for applying wax polish to provide protection.

Length – 11cm
Width – 1.5cm
Height – 2.5cm

Code: 2671001


The Saphir Small Spreading Brush is an exceptional shoe care accessory that is designed to meet the needs of individuals who want to take good care of their shoes. The brush is made of superior quality materials that make it durable, reliable and long-lasting. It is a perfect accessory that ensures you can access narrow areas like the welt of your shoes with ease. Its small size allows for easy usage, and one can quickly reach even the most hard-to-reach areas of their shoes without any hassle.

When it comes to applying shoe polish, cream or any other type of leather care product, the Saphir Small Spreading Brush is the perfect tool for the job. The brush’s high-quality construction ensures that one can use it for a long time without experiencing any wear and tear. Made with durable materials, this brush is built to withstand frequent use and provide you with a reliable and long-lasting shoe care accessory.

Cleaning the Saphir Small Spreading Brush is an effortless task. It is incredibly easy to do so. Simply rinse it with warm water, and allow it to air dry. This ensures that the brush remains in top condition so that you can use it for a long time to come and always achieve fantastic results when caring for your shoes.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a complete shoe care kit, then you should consider pairing the Saphir Small Spreading Brush with other high-quality shoe care products from Saphir. Their range of polishes, creams, and cleaners are designed to nourish and protect your shoes, ensuring that they look their best for years to come. With Saphir, you can be confident that your shoes are receiving the highest quality of care possible. As such, investing in a Saphir Small Spreading Brush is an excellent decision that you won’t regret, as it will help you keep your shoes looking their best for years to come.

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