Saphir Spreading Brush

Saphir Spreading Brush

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A quality spreading brush with real boar silk bristles that is perfect for applying polish without getting your hands dirty.

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Spreading brush used to apply shoe care products onto leather goods.

This brush can be used for applying a variety of products to footwear and other fine leathers.

Varnished beech wood handle, natural boar silk bristles.

Make sure the leather is free of surface dirt and then dip the tips of the brush into the polish or wax. Then apply to the article evenly. Re-dip the brush to pick up more product a little at a time until the entire object is coated with a thin layer. Allow to dry and then use a chamois or polishing brush to buff to your desired shine.

The Spreading Brush is used to obtain and apply polish from jars onto leather goods.

16.5cm long.


The Saphir Spreading Brush is a top-of-the-line shoe care accessory that is designed to make the process of polishing your shoes not only easier but also cleaner. In addition to being a practical tool, the Saphir Spreading Brush is also a stylish one, with an elegant varnished beech handle that will complement any shoe collection.

What sets this brush apart from other shoe care accessories is its real boar silk bristles. These bristles are not only gentle on your leather items but also highly effective at distributing polish and ensuring even coverage. The large size of the brush, which measures 16.5 cm overall, allows for quick and easy application, covering a larger surface area with each stroke.

Using the Saphir Spreading Brush is a breeze. Simply apply polish to your leather item and use the brush to distribute it evenly, without the need to get your hands dirty. The boar silk bristles are designed to ensure that the polish is applied evenly and without damaging the leather.

Investing in high-quality shoe care accessories like the Saphir Spreading Brush can help you keep your leather shoes looking great for years to come. The brush is compatible with a wide range of shoe polish types, including cream and wax, and can also be used on leather bags and other leather items. With its ergonomic design and top-notch materials, the Saphir Spreading Brush is a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain their leather items in pristine condition.

The Saphir Spreading Brush is a versatile accessory that can do more than just polish shoes. It is also great for applying leather conditioner or cleaner to your leather bags and other leather items, ensuring that they remain in top condition. By investing in the Saphir Spreading Brush, you are not only investing in a practical and stylish tool but also in the longevity of all your leather items.

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