Saphir Thin Round Waxed Laces

$5.95 CAD

Pair of thin round shoelaces made of 100 % cotton.

Corresponding sizes:

45cm = 2 to 3 pairs of eyelets

60cm = 3 to 4 pairs of eyelets

75cm = 4 pairs of eyelets

90cm = 5 to 6 pairs of eyelets

120cm = 6 pairs of eyelets

150cm = 7 to 8 pairs of eyelets

180cm = 8 to 10 pairs of eyelets

240cm = 12 to 14 pairs of eyelets

260cm = 14 to 16 pairs of eyelets

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Pair of thin round waxed shoelaces made of 100% cotton.


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Black, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Dark Grey, Dark Green, Iris Blue, Lavender, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Lilas, Anis Green, Purple


60cm/24", 75cm/30", 90cm/36"


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