Saphir Universal Cream

Saphir Universal Cream

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Neutral shoe polish based on beeswax, perfect for the gentle care of multiple leather products. Its fast-drying formula ensures a residue-free shine.

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Neutral leather care cream emulsion for the gentle care of leather goods.

For the gentle care of all types of smooth leather. Can be applied on the most delicate leathers, giving a deep and durable shine.

Formula is beeswax based, and enriched with jojoba oil and lanolin.

To start, take a small quantity of shoe polish and gently rub it onto the leather surface using a clean, dry cloth. Ensure that the polish is applied evenly and avoid using excessive amounts, as this may make the leather too greasy. Once applied, use a soft-bristled brush to buff the leather, resulting in a shiny finish.

Recommended for footwear, bag, leather goods, clothing, furniture…

150ml, 500ml or 1L.


Saphir Universal Cream is considered one of the best neutral shoe polishes in the market for its high-quality and gentle care of leather. Not only is it suitable for shoes, but it can also be used on a vast range of leather products, including furniture and luggage. The polish not only cleans but also nourishes and protects the leather, leaving it with a silky aspect and a deep, durable shine.

This shoe polish’s superior formula is based on 28.9% beeswax, a natural ingredient that provides exceptional protection against water, dirt, and other elements. Not only does it protect, but it also enhances the natural shine of the leather, leaving it with a luxurious and glossy finish.

Saphir Universal Cream’s versatility is unmatched, making it a top choice for those who own multiple leather products. Its fast-drying formula ensures that it does not leave any white residue or get dirty, providing a long-lasting and effective leather care solution.

Since its development in 1920, Saphir Universal Cream has been trusted by professionals for its excellent leather care properties. Its fluid presentation is particularly adapted for fine leather goods, making it easy to apply and use. To apply, simply take a small amount of shoe polish and rub it gently into the leather surface with a clean, dry cloth. Be sure to apply the polish evenly and avoid using too much, as this can cause the leather to become too greasy. After application, use a soft-bristled brush to buff the leather to a shine.

In conclusion, Saphir Universal Cream is the ultimate solution for those who want to keep their leather products in pristine condition. Whether you own a pair of leather shoes or a leather couch, this shoe polish is an excellent choice for keeping your leather looking its best. With its nourishing properties, exceptional protection against water and dirt, and glossy finish, Saphir Universal Cream is a must-have in any leather care kit.

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