Tarrago Color Stop

Tarrago Color Stop

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Tarrago Color Stop helps prevent colour transfer. It creates an invisible layer on the inside of the shoe preventing colour transfer to socks, stockings and leather.

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Tarrago Color Stop creates an invisible layer on the inside of the shoe preventing colour transfer to socks, stockings and leather.

Can be applied to all types of leather: smooth leather, syntactic leather, suede, nubuck and also all textiles.

  1. Shake the spray.
  2. Apply on the inside face of the leather.
  3. Let it dry for one hour.

Test on an inconspicuous area before applying the product to the entire shoe.



Step into the world with confidence and let your shoes do the talking! But sometimes, those shoes can leave marks where they shouldn’t. That’s where Tarrago Color Stop steps in, ensuring your shoes stay silent when it comes to unwanted color transfers. Say goodbye to stained socks and marred stockings with this revolutionary product in your care arsenal.

Why Tarrago Color Stop is a Must-Have:

  • Innovative Protection: Formulated to create an invisible shield on the inside of your footwear, Tarrago Color Stop safeguards against unsightly color bleeding, keeping your socks and inner linings pristine.
  • Versatile Application: Whether it’s the luxe appeal of smooth leather, the charm of suede and nubuck, the practicality of synthetic leather, or the comfort of textiles, this product seamlessly fits into your shoe care routine.
  • Specialized Recommendations: While this magic spray works wonders on all shoe types, it’s especially recommended for nautical shoes, unlined footwear, and breezy sandals—ensuring optimal protection where it’s needed the most.
  • Safety First: Rest easy knowing that Tarrago Color Stop not only looks out for your footwear but is also crafted in compliance with the latest health, safety, and environmental regulations.

User Tips for Best Results:

  • Got that favorite pair you frequently wear? For intensified protection, feel free to apply a second coat after an hour of the initial application.
  • Always remember to test the product on a hidden part of the shoe to ensure it maintains its original appeal.
  • Flaunting an impeccable look should never come at a compromise. With Tarrago Color Stop, it doesn’t have to. It’s colorless, ensuring the authentic look of your shoes remains unchanged.

With Tarrago Color Stop, every step you take will be as flawless as the last. Elevate your shoe care routine and stride with the assurance that your footwear, and everything they touch, remains impeccable!

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