Tarrago Compressor

Tarrago Compressor

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The Tarrago Compressor is the perfect compressor to use with the Tarrago Airbrush.

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Input power / Entrada de corriente: AC100-240 V, 50/60 HZ, 3.0 A
Output power / Corriente de salida: DC12V
Air flow / Caudal: 13 liters per minute / 13 litros por minuto
Max pressure / Presión máxima: 2.3 bar
Auto stop / Parada automática: 1.45 bar
Auto start / Auto arranque: 0.9 bar
Includes / Incluye: 1.5 m. rubber air hose / manguera de aire de 1.5 m.

Tarrago Compressor is the perfect complement to use with the Tarrago Airbrush.

1. Connect the air hose to the air outlet.
2. Insert the airbrush holder into the holder slot as it is shown in the picture.
2.1. Insert the holder.
2.2. Push it down to fix it.
3. Connect the airbrush to the compressor using the air hose.
4. Connect the AC Adaptor to the compressor and plug into an electrical outlet.
5. Use the dial to turn on the power.
5.1. Adapt the air pressure to your needs: Turn clockwise to increase air pressure and anti-clockwise to decrease.

This compressor can be connected to any airbrush.


Step up your airbrush game with Tarrago Compressor, your trusty sidekick in achieving impeccable airbrushing results. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, the Tarrago Compressor is engineered to meet your needs with precision, performance, and unmatched convenience.

Why Tarrago Compressor Stands Out:

  • All-Around User Compatibility: From beginners taking their first steps to seasoned professionals refining their craft, this compressor is crafted keeping every user in mind.
  • Intelligent Operation: Experience seamless artistry with the auto-start and auto-stop functions, ensuring a consistent, uninterrupted flow for a flawless finish.
  • Tailored Pressure Control: Achieve the perfect touch with adjustable working pressure, allowing a custom approach for different artworks and surfaces.
  • Long-lasting & Efficient: Built with an oil-free piston, this compressor promises a longer life, ensuring you get more bang for your buck.
  • Whisper-Quiet: Say goodbye to clunky machinery noises. This compressor operates silently, letting your creativity be the loudest voice.
  • Safety at its Best: Safety is paramount. With an in-built internal heat protection device coupled with an overheat security system, you’re in safe hands. The thoughtful auto shut-off and restart mechanism ensures the device is always within safe operational temperatures.
  • Mobility and Convenience: Lightweight and easily portable, carry your Tarrago Compressor to workshops, studios, or classes. Your art knows no bounds, and neither should your tools!
  • Convenient Storage: Comes with an airbrush holder to keep your workspace organized.

Get Started in a Flash:

  1. Easily connect the air hose to the air outlet.
  2. Slot in the airbrush holder as shown.
  3. Pair up your airbrush and compressor using the air hose.
  4. Power up and you’re ready to go! Remember, adjusting the air pressure is a breeze with the user-friendly dial.

Every artist deserves tools that elevate their craft. With Tarrago Compressor by your side, every stroke, detail, and shade you airbrush will mirror perfection. Make the switch today and experience airbrushing like never before!

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