Tarrago Filling Paste

Tarrago Filling Paste

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Special flexible filling paste to cover cuts, holes, or cracks on leather and synthetic leather, creating a soft, adhesive and flexible layer.

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Special flexible filling paste designed to cover scratches, holes or cracks on leather and synthetic leather, creating a soft, adhesive and flexible layer.

Suitable for a wide variety of smooth and synthetic leather, and for rubber soles. Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

1. Brush to remove dust.
2. Apply with a roller or a spatula the necessary thin layers to cover completely any holes or the scratches to be repaired.
3. Let it dry between layers for approximately one hour. It is important to not apply too much quantity of the product in each layer.
4. Dilute the last layer with water to achieve a similar texture to the surface to be repaired. Apply it with a spatula or a cloth to avoid imperfections and to generate a smooth
and homogeneous finish.
5. Once the process is finished, let it dry for 12 hours to achieve a perfect finish.
6. Once the paste is completely dry, it can be painted with the Tarrago Color Dye, the Tarrago Sneakers Paint or the Tarrago Quick Color for a perfect and professional finish.

Store between 5 ̊C (41 ̊F) and 35 ̊C (95 ̊F), protect from frost and cold.



When it comes to preserving and restoring the beauty of your leather and synthetic leather items, Tarrago Filling Paste stands as an exceptional solution. This specialized filling paste is designed to cover cuts, holes, and cracks, effectively repairing and rejuvenating your cherished possessions. With its soft, adhesive, and flexible properties, Tarrago Filling Paste creates a seamless layer that not only conceals imperfections but also ensures durability and longevity.

Versatility is at the core of Tarrago Filling Paste, as it is not limited to leather alone. This remarkable product is also suitable for rubber midsoles, making it a valuable asset in your shoe repair arsenal. Its ability to adapt to different materials and surfaces makes it a go-to choice for both leather goods and footwear.

However, it’s important to note that Tarrago Filling Paste is not suitable for suede and nubuck. The unique properties and delicate nature of these materials require specialized care and products designed specifically for their restoration and maintenance.

Each 50ml jar (1.75 fl.oz) of Tarrago Filling Paste is carefully formulated to ensure optimal performance and ease of application. The precise color matching options available allow you to seamlessly blend the filled areas with the original color of your leather or synthetic leather item, achieving a flawless finish.

Whether you have a beloved leather handbag with a small tear, a worn-out synthetic leather jacket with visible cracks, or rubber-soled shoes in need of a touch-up, Tarrago Filling Paste is the answer to your restoration needs. It offers a convenient and effective solution to revitalize and extend the lifespan of your treasured possessions.

At ShoeMedic, we understand the importance of quality products in achieving exceptional results. That is why we proudly offer Tarrago Filling Paste as part of our comprehensive range of shoe care and repair solutions. With our expertise and the versatility of Tarrago Filling Paste, you can confidently tackle any repair project, knowing that your leather and synthetic leather items are in capable hands.

Experience the transformative power of Tarrago Filling Paste and elevate the care and maintenance of your cherished leather and synthetic leather goods. Visit ShoeMedic today to explore our collection of high-quality shoe care products and discover the innovative solutions that will help you restore and preserve the beauty of your valued possessions.

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