Tarrago Nano Leather Refresh Spray

Tarrago Nano Leather Refresh Spray

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Tarrago Nano Leather Refresh colors, nourishes, shines and protects your items.

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Category: Conditioning, Protection

A color renovator and waterproofer. Colors, nourishes, shines and protects your items.

Suitable for smooth leather and synthetic leather.

Lanolin oil based.

  1. Clean the surface with a brush.
  2. Shake the container vigorously.
  3. Spray abundantly and evenly over a dry and clean surface, from a distance of 30 cm. approximately.
  4. Let dry 30 minutes.

With frequent use your items will look like new for longer.



Elevate your leather care game with the unparalleled luxury of Tarrago Nano Leather Refresh. A meticulously crafted color renovator, this is not just a product—it’s a transformative experience, designed to rejuvenate and restore your beloved leather garments and footwear to their pristine glory.

Dive Deep into its Exceptional Features:

  • Color Revival Mastery: Infused with potent pigments, it doesn’t just touch up, it rekindles the original vibrancy of your leather pieces. From subtle fades to significant wear, watch as Tarrago ensures the color remains bright, steadfast, and enduring for the long haul.
  • Advanced Waterproofing Shield: Harness the power of state-of-the-art nanotechnology, guaranteeing an impenetrable moisture barrier. Rain or shine, your leather will stand resilient, free from water stains and embracing a water-repellent grace that also shields against intrusive dust particles.
  • Genuine, Untainted Radiance: By consciously excluding silicones from our formula, we deliver a genuine oil-based self-shine. Revel in the natural luminescence of your leather, all without the hassle of constant brushing.
  • Nourishment with Lanolin: Go beyond surface-level care. Our formula is enriched with the nourishing goodness of natural lanolin oil, a cherished secretion from certain mammals. Renowned for its dual benefits of moisturizing and waterproofing, lanolin infuses your leather with softness that’s palpable and protection that lasts.
  • Fortified Stain Defense: No more fretting over accidental spills or unsightly spots. The presence of fluorocarbons ensures your leather stands tall against potential stains, retaining its pristine appearance throughout its lifespan.
  • Efficient Drying & Polished Glow: Time is of the essence, and we value yours. Our solvent-based concoction promises swift drying times, culminating in a shimmering finish that demands attention—no preliminary polishing required.

Artistic Palette: While the product is currently gracing the shelves in a timeless black, its effects amplify the natural elegance inherent in every leather shade. Tarrago Nano Leather Refresh is the answer for those seeking both restoration and preservation in one bottle.

By using Tarrago, you’re not just applying a product; you’re embarking on a journey of leather revival. With each application, witness as your leather pieces—from the daily-worn shoes to the heirloom bags—retain their inherent waterproofing, breathability, and gleam, ensuring they remain as exquisite as the day they were acquired.

Step into a world where every leather piece you own feels brand new, radiating with the finesse and sophistication it truly deserves. All with the magic touch of Tarrago Nano Leather Refresh. Elevate, indulge, and let your leather items be a testament to unmatched luxury.

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