Tarrago Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner

Tarrago Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner

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Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner is a dry cleaner spray for suede and nubuck shoes and accessories.

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Tarrago Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner is a dry cleaner spray for suede and nubuck shoes and accessories.

Suitable for suede, nubuck and Gore-Tex.

Solvent-based formula.

How to use

  1. Remove all dirt from the surface with the Tarrago Suede and Nubuck De Luxe Brush.
  2. Shake the spray.
  3. Spray on the surface to be treated from about 20 cm.
  4. Let dry 15 minutes.
  5. For a perfect finish, brush again with the soft part of the brush.

For best results and increase the shoes life, use Tarrago Universal Protector after Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner.



Unveil the future of suede and nubuck care with the unrivaled Tarrago Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner. This meticulously designed dry cleaner spray stands as an emblem of dedication to leather excellence, tailored for aficionados who won’t settle for anything less than perfection for their precious suede and nubuck pieces.

In the nuanced realm of suede and nubuck, moisture is more than a mere inconvenience; it’s a menace. Exposing these delicate materials to water can deteriorate their plush, velvety texture, compromising their beauty. This is where Tarrago steps in. By leveraging a superior solvent-based formulation, this dry cleaner ensures that your suede and nubuck items are cleansed deeply yet gently, preserving their pristine condition.

But the Tarrago experience doesn’t just end with cleaning. This product goes the extra mile, imbuing your items with an exquisite softness while also layering them with protective properties that shield against daily wear and tear. It’s a rejuvenating elixir, designed to not only clean but also to revitalize and enhance.

Furthermore, its adaptability is worth noting. Beyond your chic suede shoes or that cherished nubuck handbag, this dry cleaner is adept at treating even high-tech garments and equipment, such as items made of Gore-Tex. And for those seeking to maximize the longevity and resilience of their possessions, pairing this product with the Tarrago Universal Protector offers a holistic care regimen that’s second to none.

A Comprehensive Application Guide for Unparalleled Results:

  1. Begin your leather care journey by using the Tarrago Suede and Nubuck De Luxe Brush, gently removing any surface impurities.
  2. To activate the potent formulation, shake the spray bottle with vigor.
  3. Holding the bottle approximately 20 cm away, bestow a fine mist upon your item, ensuring even coverage.
  4. Let the product delve deep and work its magic for a good 15 minutes.
  5. To seal the deal, brush the treated area with the soft segment of the brush. The transformation will be nothing short of mesmerizing.

In essence, the Tarrago Nubuck Suede Dry Cleaner isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to refined leather care. With every use, you’re not just cleaning – you’re indulging your suede and nubuck in a luxury spa experience. Elevate your care routine and revel in the opulence that Tarrago brings to the table.

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