Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner

Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner

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Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner cleans, nourishes, maintains and protects rubber from cracking.

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Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner is specially designed to clean, nourish, maintain and protect rubber from cracking.

Suitable for rubber.

Enriched with avocado oil.

How to use

  1. Clean the shoes with water.
  2. Shake the product well.
  3. Apply product from about 15 cm. distance
  4. Rub the shoe with a soft and dry cloth.
  5. Let it dry for 3 minutes.

Use regularly to extend shoe life.



Rubber boots, whether worn in rain or shine, muddy fields or urban streets, are an epitome of practicality blended with style. Yet, just like the elegance of leather, the durability of rubber demands unparalleled care. Step in, Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner, the quintessential treatment tailored exclusively for your prized rubber boots.

At the heart of Tarrago’s innovative solution lies the time-honored wisdom of using nature’s own ingredients. Enhanced with the replenishing qualities of avocado oil, this cleaner delves deep into the rubber, infusing it with intense hydration—a necessity often overlooked for rubber. The result? Boots that gleam with health, free from the menace of cracking or degradation.

Beyond its cleaning prowess, the Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner is also a guardian of rubber’s inherent properties. With each application, watch as your boots are transported back in time, rejuvenated to their pristine, out-of-the-box condition. Whether your rubber boots boast a matte finish, a glossy sheen, a metallic glow, or even a pearlescent shimmer, this cleaner caters to them all, leaving no hue untouched with its colorless magic.

The magic of Tarrago doesn’t stop at just cleaning. With regular usage, it promises longevity, ensuring that your boots endure the tests of time, weather, and wear. Its eco-conscious pump spray design, devoid of any harmful gases, only further cements its commitment to the environment, making it a conscious choice for the modern user.

Experience the Tarrago Magic in Just a Few Steps:

  1. Begin by rinsing your boots with plain water, ensuring they’re free of surface dirt.
  2. Give the product a good shake to activate its potent ingredients.
  3. From about 15 cm away, mist your boots evenly with the Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner.
  4. Gently buff the boots using a soft, dry cloth to unveil a refreshed look.
  5. Allow your boots to rest for a mere 3 minutes, completing their transformation.

In essence, the Tarrago Rubber Boot Cleaner offers more than just maintenance; it offers a revival. It’s a bridge between tradition and innovation, infusing age-old rubber care with avant-garde technology. Elevate your boot care ritual and bestow upon them the luxury they truly deserve.

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