Tarrago Saddle Soap

Tarrago Saddle Soap

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Tarrago Saddle Soap is a soap especially made for saddlery, but can be used on any smooth leather. Cleans and protects leather.

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Tarrago Saddle Soap cleans and protects leather from the inclement weather, sweat and dirt, leaving it smooth and soft and extending its life.

Suitable for all types of smooth leather.

Contains vegetable oil.

  1. Remove surface dust.
  2. Rub on the soap with a soaked sponge to get foam.
  3. Apply over the leather rubbing vigorously.
  4. Remove the remaining foam with a clean and slightly damp sponge.
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. Once dry polishing by rubbing with a cloth / chamois.



There’s a certain charm to leather – its aroma, its texture, its resilience. This allure only deepens with time, provided the leather is nurtured with the right care. Enter Tarrago Saddle Soap, the ultimate guardian of smooth leather’s beauty and longevity.

Originally perfected for the rigorous demands of saddlery, Tarrago Saddle Soap is an epitome of versatility, making it a trusted ally for all leather items. Be it the saddle that has been a silent witness to countless sunsets, the rider boots that have stomped through both rain and shine, the intricate leather goods that add elegance to any ensemble, or the travel-worn luggage that holds a myriad of tales; this soap reinvigorates and revives them all.

At the heart of its potent formula is the treasured vegetable oil. This isn’t mere cleaning – this is a spa treatment for your cherished leather possessions. It drenches leather with moisture, pushing away the threat of cracks and wear, ensuring the material remains as supple as it was on day one. Each application is like a time machine, dialing back the years of use and exposure.

Yet, Tarrago thinks beyond just conservation. It’s about enhancing utility. For equestrians, this saddle soap introduces an unmatched advantage: a distinctive anti-slip action. As the soap nurtures the saddle’s leather, it simultaneously boosts the rider’s grip. No longer does one have to choose between maintaining leather’s aesthetics and ensuring functionality. With Tarrago, riders can confidently command their position, all while basking in the leather’s rejuvenated shine.

Beyond the world of equestrianism, for aficionados of hunting, trekking, or simply leather enthusiasts, this saddle soap is an indispensable treasure. It promises not just the pristine upkeep of all leather accessories, but also a reflection of the wearer’s impeccable taste and passion for quality.

In a world where leather items are not just products but cherished possessions, heirlooms even, Tarrago Saddle Soap emerges as the gold standard of care. It doesn’t just preserve; it celebrates every leather’s story, ensuring each chapter is as illustrious as the last. Choose Tarrago, and let every leather piece you own be a testament to timeless elegance and unyielding quality.

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