Tarrago Self Shine

Tarrago Self Shine

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Tarrago Self Shine – Easy-to-use shoe polish that restores the natural shine and color of leather. Requires no buffing or brushing.

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Specially designed to renew the color of smooth and synthetic leather.

Suitable for smooth and synthetic leather shoes, jackets, bags, and accessories.

Contains beeswax and carnauba wax.

  1. Remove any dust from the surface with a brush or shoe duster.
  2. Shake the bottle.
  3. Apply evenly the product by pressing the sponge gently.
  4. Let dry for 5 minutes.
  5. Self-shine without rubbing.
  6. Clean the sponge with water.

Select the color that most closely matches your item out of the colors available. If there are no good matches, use Neutral.



Tarrago Self Shine is a premium shoe polish that is designed to help restore and maintain the natural shine and color of your leather shoes. Its advanced formula penetrates deep into the pores of the leather, nourishing and protecting it from the inside out.

This self-shine polish is perfect for busy individuals who are always on the go. Its convenient applicator sponge allows you to quickly and easily apply the polish to your shoes without the need for any additional tools or equipment. Unlike traditional shoe polishes that require buffing and brushing, Tarrago Self Shine dries to a brilliant shine in just a few minutes, leaving your shoes looking their best without any additional effort.

Crafted with the finest ingredients, Tarrago Self Shine is safe to use on all types of leather, including delicate materials like suede and nubuck. Its advanced formula helps to nourish and protect the leather, preventing cracking and other signs of wear and tear. This helps to extend the lifespan of your shoes and keep them looking their best for years to come.

In addition to its effectiveness, Tarrago Self Shine is also incredibly easy to use. Simply remove any dirt or debris from your shoes, apply the polish evenly to the leather, and let it dry for a few minutes. Once it has dried, your shoes will have a brilliant shine that lasts for weeks.

Tarrago Self Shine is available in a variety of colors to match any shade of leather. Its convenient size makes it perfect for travel or for keeping in your desk drawer at work.

Investing in Tarrago Self Shine is an investment in the longevity and appearance of your leather shoes. Its advanced formula, combined with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their shoes looking their best. Order now and experience the difference in your shoe care routine.

Its beeswax content nourishes and softens the leather, while carnauba wax “the queen of waxes” provides a long-lasting shine and water protection. It contains more than 40% of waxes.

  • 75 ml / 2,5 fl.oz sponge applicator.
  • More than 7 different colors.
  • No silicones content.
  • Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

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