Tarrago Shoe Cream

Tarrago Shoe Cream

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Cream based on natural waxes that nourishes, maintains, shines and improves the color of smooth leather and synthetic leather.

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Smooth cream that nourishes, maintains, shines and improves color.

For leather and synthetic leather.

Based on natural waxes including carnauba wax and beeswax.

  1. Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the shoes.
  2. Apply a small amount of cream with a cloth or brush, spreading it evenly.
  3. Let dry for 5 minutes so the wax can penetrate to the leather.
  4. Brush for an immediate shine.

Do not use a dirty or damp cloth, it could generate mold spores and contaminate the formula.



Every leather enthusiast understands the importance of meticulous maintenance. Dive into a realm where luxury meets nourishment with Tarrago’s Shoe Cream – a handcrafted blend of nature’s finest waxes, designed to bring forth the authentic beauty of leather.

Highlights of Tarrago Shoe Cream:

  1. Nature’s Best at Your Service: Crafted with the lustrous blend of carnauba and beeswax, Tarrago Shoe Cream is an elixir for your leather products. Representing 18% of the cream, these waxes aren’t just any regular ingredients; they are the heart and soul of our formula.
  2. Rediscover Radiance with Carnauba Wax: Hailed as “the queen of waxes”, carnauba wax imparts an unparalleled shine and offers superior waterproof protection. Let your leather glow like never before!
  3. The Magic of Beeswax: This naturally sourced ingredient imparts flexibility, ensuring that your leather remains supple and resistant to cracks. Bask in the enriching nutrition that beeswax brings, and witness a transformation that’s both tangible and enduring.
  4. A Symphony of Colors: Choose from a captivating palette of over 90 shades, encompassing both classic tones and contemporary metallic and pearl hues. Find the perfect match or get creative by blending different shades for a unique hue – the possibilities are boundless!
  5. Premium Pigment, Peerless Coverage: Every dab of Tarrago Shoe Cream boasts high-quality pigments, ensuring that your leather doesn’t just shine; it sings with color.
  6. Crafted for Versatility: Beyond shoes, this cream works wonders on bags, accessories, and any cherished leather item in your collection. Extend the life of your leather possessions, making every piece look as exquisite as the day you first held it.

Usage Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Begin with Cleanliness: Start by ridding the surface of any dust or dirt.
  • Apply with Precision: Use a clean cloth or brush to apply a thin, even layer of the cream. A little goes a long way!
  • Patience is Key: Allow the cream to sit for about 5 minutes, letting the waxes deeply penetrate and nourish the leather.
  • Finish with Flair: A gentle brush will unveil a dazzling shine, completing the leather’s transformation.

Additional Pro Tips:

  • Get adventurous by blending different shades. The stability and efficacy of the cream remain unchanged.
  • Before applying to leather soles, prep them with Tarrago Conditioner.
  • Ensure the lid is securely fastened post-use, to retain the cream’s consistency and efficacy.
  • For optimal results, avoid using damp or dirty cloths which might compromise the formula.

Tarrago Shoe Cream isn’t just a product; it’s a celebration of leather’s timeless allure. Experience the true essence of leather care, and let every step you take, every accessory you flaunt, echo with luxury and grace. Rediscover, rejuvenate, and revel in the world of leather with Tarrago.

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