Tarrago Sneakers Rescue

Tarrago Sneakers Rescue

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Its exclusive formula cleans, protects, conditions, provides shining and nourishes thanks to its content in avocado oil.

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Cleans, protects, prepares, shines and conditions.

For smooth leather, vinyl and patent leather.

Enriched with avocado oil.

  1. Remove surface dust.
  2. Shake container.
  3. Apply with a cloth a small amount of cream and spread it evenly.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. Rub with a cloth for shine.

Not suitable for synthetic leather, suede, nubuck or nappa.



Your leather sneakers aren’t just footwear; they’re an extension of you. Every step you take, they’re exposed to the myriad challenges of the environment – dust, dirt, and the occasional scratch. Think of leather as akin to human skin. It isn’t just about keeping it clean; it’s about feeding and nourishing it too.

Revive, Protect, and Shine with Tarrago Sneakers Rescue!

Why Tarrago Sneakers Rescue is the Holy Grail for Leather Care:

  1. Five-in-One Wonder: It doesn’t just clean. It prepares, shines, protects, and above all, deeply conditions your sneakers, ensuring they always look and feel brand new.
  2. Powered by Avocado: The heart of the product lies in the richness of avocado oil, renowned for its intensive nourishing properties. This ingredient works its magic by rehydrating and rejuvenating the skin of your leather sneakers.
  3. Versatile Excellence: Perfect for smooth leather, vinyl, and patent leather. Its unique formula ensures your sneakers gleam with a smooth and shiny finish, making them the show-stoppers they were meant to be!
  4. Protection First: Our solution ensures your kicks are free from unsightly water spots and are protected against leather chaps.


  • Environmentally-Conscious Packaging: The Aluminum Bottle, with 125ml/4.40 fl.oz of product, ensures ample care for multiple sessions. Plus, with a 0% gas pump spray, you’re being kind to our planet.
  • Clear Mastery: The colorless formula ensures no color alterations, maintaining the original hue and texture of your prized possessions.

Steps to Leather Sneaker Salvation:

  1. Gently brush off surface dust and debris.
  2. Vigorously shake the container to activate the rich ingredients.
  3. Using a soft cloth, apply a dime-sized amount, ensuring even coverage.
  4. Let it work its magic. Allow to dry.
  5. For the grand finale, gently buff with a cloth, unveiling a radiant shine.

However, suede, nubuck, and nappa aficionados, this product might not be for you. But for the rest, Tarrago Sneakers Rescue is the leather love potion you’ve been seeking. It’s not just a product; it’s a promise to keep your sneakers looking impeccable, day in and day out. Let your sneakers step out with pride!

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