Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer

Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer

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Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer restores yellowing soles. Oxygenated solution that restores the color of rubber midsoles.

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Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer is an oxygenated solution that will restore the white of your rubber soles by removing oxidation of your yellowed shoes.

Suitable for sneakers with white or translucent soles.

How to use

  1. Apply with a paint brush on the soles. Wear protective gloves.
  2. Cover the sneakers with plastic transparent wrap.
  3. Place the sneakers covered with plastic, 2 – 6 hours under direct sunlight.
  4. Remove the product with a wet sponge. We recommend, repeat the process if is necessary.

​Keep this product away from sunlight!

It is better to make more than one application than to apply a thick coat of product.




In the world of sneakers, a pristine white sole is synonymous with fresh, sleek, and vibrant. But alas, over time, even the most cherished pairs lose their brilliant white sheen, succumbing to a yellowed, aged look. Tarrago understands the essence of this pristine white, which is why they’ve introduced the Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer—a game-changer for sneaker enthusiasts globally.

A marvel in modern sneaker care, the Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer is the antidote to the inevitable yellowing of white soles. This powerful oxygenated solution meticulously targets and eliminates oxidation, reviving the luminous white glow of rubber soles, making them look as if you’ve just taken them out of the box.

No longer do you need to concede to the natural aging process of your favorite kicks. With Tarrago’s innovative solution, restoring the youthful look of your sneakers is a breeze, breathing new life into them and turning heads wherever you tread.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Efficacy: Potent oxygenated solution for eliminating sole yellowing, ensuring your sneakers regain their original glory.
  • Convenience: Comes in a handy 125ml/4.40 fl.oz plastic bottle, perfect for multiple treatments.
  • Safety First: The package includes a glove, emphasizing safe and protected application.
  • Versatility: Expertly formulated for both white and translucent sneaker soles.
  • Guidance: Comprehensive application instructions ensure that even a novice can achieve professional results.

Expert Tips for Use:

  1. Don gloves for safety and protection.
  2. Dip a paintbrush into the solution and evenly coat the soles.
  3. Cover the treated sneakers with transparent plastic wrap to enhance the effect.
  4. Bask them under direct sunlight for 2 – 6 hours, allowing the magic to happen.
  5. Gently wipe away the solution using a damp sponge. If necessary, consider a repeat application for optimum brightness.

A word to the wise: always ensure a leveled application to keep the product strictly on the desired areas. Also, remember to keep the product away from direct sunlight when stored.

With Tarrago Sneakers Sole Restorer in your arsenal, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in memories, reviving the beauty of sneakers that have journeyed with you. Say no to yellowed, aged soles and step out confidently, leaving a trail of brilliance with every stride.

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