Tarrago Sneakers WASC Cleaner

Tarrago Sneakers WASC Cleaner

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Tarrago Sneakers WASC cleaner is known as an amazing Sneakers Cleaner to remove even the most stubborn stains and dirt from your sneakers.

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Provides high cleaning power on all surfaces and colors and recovers the original white on surfaces and midsoles.

Suitable for: smooth leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, fabric, and all kind of surfaces and colors.

Contains coconut oil.

  1. Shake well the bottle before using.
  2. Apply the product on a wet sponge or a brush.
  3. Apply the product directly on the midsoles.
  4. Rub gently with a brush until you eliminate any trace of dirt.
  5. Remove the remaining product with the help of a damp Tarrago Shoe Duster or a microfiber towel.
  6. Let it dry 30 minutes.

For best results, use Tarrago Sneakers Water-Based Protector or Tarrago Sneakers Nano Protector after cleaning.



Ever looked at your favorite sneakers, tarnished by stubborn stains, and wished for a miracle? Your wish is now a reality with Tarrago’s WASC! What Amazing Sneakers Cleaner!

Why Tarrago WASC! Stands Apart:

  1. Ultimate Cleaning Power: Crafted with the latest cleaning technology, WASC! targets even the most stubborn stains and dirt on all surfaces, from smooth leather to canvas, and from suede to fabric, irrespective of the color.
  2. Restoration Magic: Dreaming of reviving the original white of your sneakers? WASC! doesn’t just stop at cleaning – it brings back that crisp, new-shoe look, especially on surfaces and midsoles.
  3. Gentle yet Powerful: While its cleaning prowess is unmatched, WASC! ensures the natural color and texture of your sneakers remain untouched. Every cleaning session is a gentle caress, not a brutal assault.
  4. Eco-Friendly Formula: WASC! combines efficiency with responsibility. Its water-based formula is gentle on the environment, making you a part of the sustainable future.
  5. Witness Rapid Results: Experience the wonder in real-time. Within a mere minute of application, watch the stains disappear, revealing the true beauty of your sneakers.
  6. Nature’s Best: With coconut oil derivatives, WASC! ensures the leather remains conditioned and protected, enhancing its longevity.
  7. Efficient Packaging: Encased in an aluminum pump-spray bottle, WASC! is free from harmful gases and is eco-friendly, ensuring you contribute positively to our planet.

The Science Behind the Magic:

  • As you apply WASC!, it dives deep into the fibers, initiating an AMAZING CLEANING process, with particles working in a cyclic manner to latch onto and remove dirt.
  • The particles, in their mission, attract maximum dirt in the shortest time, eventually bringing it to the surface.
  • Here’s where you come in: simply wipe away the encapsulated dirt with a shoe duster or cloth, and voilà!

Key Ingredients:

  • Distilled Water: Ensures no residue remains on the surface, preserving the breathability of your sneakers.
  • Degreasing Surfactants: Tackle and dissolve even the most stubborn grease and dirt, rejuvenating the fibers.
  • Coconut Oil Derivatives: Aid in detaching dirt, softening and conditioning the fibers, ensuring they remain supple and fresh.
  • Secret ECOCERT Certified Ingredient: This high-tech component boosts the cleaning power, restoring the original hues of the sneakers without any alteration.

Unshackle your beloved sneakers from dirt’s clutches and watch them come back to life with Tarrago WASC! What Amazing Sneakers Cleaner! Because they deserve nothing but the best.

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