Balenciaga is a designer fashion house founded in Spain, and is one of the most influential brands in the world, crafting high-quality bags and shoes with a quirky edge. Here at Shoe Medic, we have the skills and experience to clean, repair or alter your designer accessories, taking care of their looks and finish.

Leather and suede purses are particularly prone to picking up dirt and stains, requiring our professional staff to clean them to the highest standard, including the linings if necessary. Our specialized cleaning service also ensures your Balenciaga shoes will be restored to their original condition, re-coloring any areas of damage as required. You can contact us for any type of Balenciaga repair services.

We can repair or replace any broken buckles, zippers and damaged straps or handles, making your purse look as good as new. When it comes to fixing your shoes, don’t forget that replacement soles and heels can significantly extend their life.

Impeccable stitching is our trademark, with our expert craftsmen able to repair any rips or tears.

Why not call us today to discuss with our friendly staff how your Balenciaga bags and shoes can benefit from our services?

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