Bottega veneta

Bottega Veneta is an Italian high fashion and luxury goods brand, primarily known for their clutch purse with its leather knot closure. With such a variety of bags and purses available, in all shapes, colors and fabrics, here at Shoe Medic, we pride ourselves on having the necessary skills to clean or repair your Bottega Veneta accessories.

Our specialized cleaning service will remove all stains and spills from both the exterior and the lining of your purse, re-coloring if necessary. Broken or damaged buckles, zippers, snap fastenings and straps can all be repaired or replaced by our professional staff while retaining the look and finish of your purse.

And, of course, Bottega Veneta has a vast selection of designer shoes, which may benefit from our repair services. We can replace or repair worn soles and broken heels, restoring your shoes to their original condition.

Why not call us today for professional help with your Bottega Veneta shoes and purses?

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