Cordovan leather – Deep cleaning guides

Cordovan leather

Deep cleaning guide


Cordovan leather is obtained from horses mainly imported from Cordoba in the United States and crossed with wild horses of the Dakota. Only a small part of the back of the horse skin is served to make shoes and other luxury leather goods, the rest being used for furniture. The skins are stored for months in barrels of oil. The natural colour is blood red – a very dark burgundy. These very dense and hyper-resistant leathers require regular maintenance with specialist products.

Step 1


Remove laces and insert suitable wooden SHOETREES in your shoes

Step 2


First remove any surface dirt or dust, using a HORSE HAIR brush with Sipo wood handle.
Gently rub the leather, paying particular attention to the folds and welt areas of the sole.

Step 3


Apply RENO CLEANER with the CHAMOIS COTTON CLOTH. Don’t forget to change the area of the cloth when it gets dirty.



-To remove all dirt, stains and wax buildup.

-To cleanse the leather pores in depth.

-To remove all silicones and resins very often used in the formulation of other shoe care brands. It allows the leather’s dermis to breathe again. Saphir pates and creams will then penetrate and nourish the leather skin deeply in order to preserve it.

There is no need to use RENO CLEANER for new shoes or shoes which are not dirty.

Now it’s ready for a shine

Step 4

Prepare the leather


How do we use RENOVATEUR CREME ?

Apply with the CHAMOIS COTTON CLOTH by gently massaging the skin in small circular movements.

Why should RENOVATEUR CREME be used?

To gently clean, hydrate and nourish the leather in order to prepare the skin to readily accept the polish. This cream will enable the pores of the leather to be dilated in order to increase penetration of the CORDOVAN CREAM.

Step 5

Cordovan Crean (the most important part)

Application instructions

Using a COTTON CHAMOIS CLOTH , apply the CORDOVAN CREAM which is specially formulated to enhance and give a long life to your cordovan leather.

Start by applying the cream to the sides of the shoes (on the welt seams to maximise the seal) using a ‘back-and-forth’ motion, pressing lightly and paying particular attention to the folds. Don’t forget to apply between the edge of shoes and the sole, you can use the SPREADING BRUSH to reach this part. Leave to dry a few minutes.


It nourishes, re-colours, shines and protect. (link to the product)

Step 6


Brush with a POLISHING BRUSH made of Sipo wood and natural silk hair. It will bring out the natural wax shine from the CORDOVAN CREAM. It is more convenient to use a black hair brush for black shoes.

Step 7

The final touch

Buff the skin with the COTTON CHAMOIS CLOTH to enhance the shine and remove any excess cream.

Step 8


You should apply SUPER INVULNER to protect your shoes from getting stained and damage.

The new generation resin-based formulation prolongs protection against water, grease and dirt.


If you want to be convinced of the efficiency of SUPER INVULNER spray it on any leather item. Let it dry and then pour some water on the surface and you will see that the water cannot penetrate. Try the same experience on goods that you didn’t spray on. You will see that the skin becomes wet almost immediately.

SUPER INVULNER not only protects against water but also snow, dirt or stains. Always remember to protect your new leather goods.