Revive Your Dr. Martens: Exceptional Shoe Repair with ShoeMedic

Dr. Martens attracts individuals who have their own style but share a united heart, real personalities that advocate for something. People with a confident idea of self-expression. People that are unique.  The simple silhouettes of Dr. Martens enable their wearers to incorporate boots and shoes as part of their own specific and incredibly distinct style at an aesthetic level. Their famous resilience and reliability on a physical level make them perfect for the indifferent universe of gigs and street fashion; and then on an emotional level. They are a mentality and confidence badge. It was not always this way, however: Dr. Martens was initially a simple work-wear boot that was also sold at one point as a gardening boot. So, how did this functional boot develop into one of the current era’s most culturally important brands? It’s a story that is as fascinating as it is special…

Dr. Martens’ first few years of life consisted of the brand originally being worn by postmen and factory employees. The brand was very much that of a £ 2 work-wear boot, distributing solid numbers to the middle classes of Britain. Then the unbelievable began to happen. Dr. Martens, who openly championed the British working-class look, was abruptly collected by young multi-cultural, ska-loving skinheads with no notice or intention. Shortly afterwards, Pete Townshend of The Who became the first high-profile person to wear them as a sign of his own dignity and defiant mentality in the lower classes. In doing so, the trajectory of the evolution of the company transformed with both first-generation skinheads and Townshend, converting this utilitarian work-wear boot into a subcultural essential. An extraordinary surge of transformation, new innovations, cultural upheaval and finally social reform was witnessed in the 1960s, the era in which the Dr. Martens boot was born. Grandiose and frequently foreign fashion also experienced this revolutionary climate, an unusual backdrop for the birth of such a practical work-boot… But then again, Dr. Martens always kicked back against cultural standards .

Dr. Martens’ continues to be a cultural icon today. To keep yours in tip-top shape, reach out to ShoeMedic for pickup, maintenance, repair, and delivery. Your best shoes deserve the best shoe repair in Toronto. 


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