Dora Teymur’s Timeless Approach to Luxury Fashion

Transcending trend is every designer’s goal. Whether it is to create, outlast, or become timeless, design is a wholly individual experieDora Teymur is a luxury fashion brand that transcends trend and creates timeless designs. They avoid the trap of trend chasing and provide elegant iterations to traditional high-end staples. The brand’s philosophy is to take inspiration from the things we know and present them with a surprise. This approach sets Dora Teymur apart and positions them to excel in the luxury fashion market. Brands that chase hype tend to lose popularity, but Dora Teymur’s approach is aimed at creating a lasting legacy. At ShoeMedic, we appreciate every design approach and offer shoe repair services in Mississauga.nce. Fashion house’s that understand this tend to outlast their hype. A designer who creates varied and unique styles while avoiding the trap of trend entirely is one who can truly become legendary. 

This prestige is what Dora Teymur seems to be striving for with their individually traditional designs. The brand philosophy is loosely defined by Teymur as “taking the things we all know and maybe forgot then serve them back with a surprise,” (Felicity Carter, Forbes, “Turkish Designer, Dora Teymur On Footwear Design And Destiny”). 

It is this philosophy that will help the young brand, founded in 2013, become a mainstay of luxury fashion for years to come. They do not strive to chase or define trends, and instead provide elegant iteration to traditional high-end staples. The approach that Teymur is opting for is one we do not often see in the market of budding luxury brands- and is the exact reason why Dora Teymur is positioned to excel in this space. The brand is staying true to what they find inspiring, as every house should, aiming to tweak what is loved without re-inventing the wheel. Tradition is an extremely underutilised source of inspiration within luxury design as of late, which makes Teymur’s philosophy wholly individualised.

Chasing trends, as this blog posts suggests, is a mistake that many newer fashion brands make and is something Teymur actively avoids. We see brands based primarily around hype losing their popularity in the very same markets that led them to success. While hype-chasing does provide short-term prosperity, it does not create a lasting legacy. 

Trends are guaranteed to change- every decade or so we are indoctrinated into a new era of fashion introduced by pop culture and a want for change. At ShoeMedic we appreciate every design approach, from every trend’s respective era, and celebrate them with the reverence they deserve. No matter the design, if you are ever in need of shoe repair in Mississauga we’re happy to help. No job is too small, we’re here for you, even if they just need to be polished to pure perfection with Saphir Pate de Luxe.


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