How To: Clean Your Suede Shoes

As difficult as suede shoes can be, we can’t be swayed from our infatuation with them. They’re adaptable, fashionable, and mostly super enjoyable. Don’t believe us? Just ask Elvis Presley. However, what no one likes is when they eventually get dirty and need to be cleaned. Need some tips on how to clean something that can’t get wet? We’re here to tell you all of ShoeMedic’s suede cleaning tips and tricks. See below for the four simple steps to clean any kind of suede shoe. 

What You’ll Need (all of which are for sale on the ShoeMedic website and in store!): 

-Saphir Suede Crepe brush

-Saphir Omni’Nettoyant Suede Cleaner

-a shoe cloth

-Saphir Gommadin Suede eraser

-Saphir Renovateur Spray 

  1. Begin by removing any dirt from the shoe using the Saphir Suede Crepe Brush. To eliminate loose debris and grit, begin by using light strokes to brush the shoe’s surface. Remember to use the brush with the grain while cleaning (AKA, the same direction in which the suede naturally lies). Apply further pressure for more persistent marks, such as scuff marks, and shift the brush in a quick back and forth motion to help lift compressed suede fibers, to further assist cleaning. If the stain is wet, use the cloth to wipe off what you can, then leave the rest to dry before attempting to brush. If you try to work on the stain before it dries, it can make it harder to remove in the long run.
  1. Utilize the Saphir Gommadin Suede Eraser to work on the remaining marks. For clearing scuff marks, this is a much more comprehensive technique, using continuous, back and forth pressure to help dislodge any excess debris.
  1. Then, apply the Saphir Omni’Nettoyant cleaner.  Apply the cleaner to the shoe cloth, just lightly, then apply to the stain and rub in a back and forth motion. Keep working at the mark- the key to remove any tough stains is patience.
  1. Finish with Saphir Renovateur Spray.

Keep yourself from having to repeat this process again by utilizing this suede protector to keep your suede shoes protected from the elements.


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