Discover How to Look After Your Designer Boots

You may have purchased your designer boots simply as a fashion statement, or with the intention of wearing them during inclement weather. Whatever the reason, you need to look after them carefully to ensure years of use while retaining their pristine condition.

New boots should initially be worn around the house for a few hours before venturing outside. Doing this softens up the construction and ensures a comfortable fit.

Longer length boots may not fit properly around the calf area, requiring extending if too tight or altering to take in any slack. Our boot repair specialists in Toronto have the expert knowledge to help you achieve the perfect fit.

If you intend wearing your boots in wet weather, be aware that new leather soles are very slippery. Try wearing them in dry conditions first as this allows a layer of grit to build up which gives better grip.

Never wear your designer boots two days in a row as this can burn the leather interior. A telltale sign is blackening inside the boot which indicates you should give your boots a rest.

If your boots get wet, do not dry them next to a radiator or other heat source, as this will crack the leather. Try stuffing them with newspaper or tissue paper and allow them to dry naturally in a cold environment. If you leave them lying on their sides for an hour or two, this will help the soles expel moisture and dry quicker.

Look after your designer boots, and they will look after you!


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