The History of Uggs and How ShoeMedic Can Help

Uggs are mostly known for their unisex sheepskin boot that was created in Australia. In 1978, with a bundle of sheepskin boots and optimism, Brian Smith arrived in Southern California. He was infatuated with the beauty of sheepskin and was convinced the world would experience this love one day. For a long time, the shores of Southern California had been the apex of a comfortable, easy lifestyle, a way of life that Brian thought suited his brand perfectly. So he created the UGG brand, started selling his sheepskin boots, and it was a hit right away. The UGG brand became a staple of casual Southern California community by the mid-1980s, gaining traction across surf shops and other shops, from San Diego to Santa Cruz, all along the California coast. UGG boots spread well beyond the coast, showing up all over and at every level of culture in major cities and small towns. Girls donned a pair of their surfer boyfriend’s UGG boots like a letterman jacket. UGG boots were in ski stores when winter began and were used in lodges from Mammoth to Aspen. Those who embraced sport and a comfortable, healthy lifestyle started to idolize the UGG name. More than that, just as Brian had expected, an emotional bond and a genuine sense of appreciation for UGG boots began to develop. People not only wanted to try a pair of UGG boots, they became entranced with them and literally were unable to take them off. Celebrities and others in the fashion industry began to take stock of the UGG brand towards the end of the 90’s. There was also a cultural change-people were adopting, and becoming inspired, by leading a more relaxed lifestyle and one of the icons of this lifestyle became UGG. A love that originated on the beaches is now a symbol of casual style. It was at this time that in the east, in the Rockies and in Chicago, the passion for UGG rose. UGGs are still loved today by people form all walks of life, because of UGGs signature style and comfort. For all of your Sheepskin care and repair needs, ShoeMedic has got you covered.


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