Luxury Garment Alterations, Cleaning and Repair

A designer leather jacket is one of the most sought-after of all fashion garments and should last a lifetime with professional care and attention. It’s not recommended that you try and carry out any repairs or cleaning, as you could cause untold damage to your jacket. Here at Shoe Medic, our leather repair service in Toronto, we know exactly how to treat your luxury jacket, whether it needs altering, cleaning or repairing.

A faulty zipper or buckle is a common problem, and we can repair or replace it as necessary.

It may seem a disaster if your favourite leather jacket is damaged, but our expert staff can repair any rips, scratches or tears with high-quality professional stitching or replacing the material.

Over time, your leather jacket may fade and lose its color, requiring special treatment to restore it to its original condition. You can even have it re-dyed to ring the changes, and our friendly staff will be happy to advise you of the options.

Of course, the lining of your jacket isn’t exempt from damage or wear and tear, and we can repair or replace it as required.

If your jacket no longer fits, you can have it altered, making it smaller or larger to your satisfaction.

Leather can soak up stains and spills, and the likes of ink, blood and makeup require professional cleaning to avoid damaging the material. Our specialized staff have years of experience of cleaning leather jackets, even vintage garments, without affecting their looks, finish or shape.

Why not call our leather repair service in Toronto today, and take your jacket to the next level?


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