New Ways to Add Life to Your Designer Bags

If you consider your purchase of a designer bag or purse like Jimmy Choo, Gucci as an investment to last for years, you need to know how to look after it.

Adding a product that protects the fabric or skin can shield your bag from unwanted dirt and spills. Fabric panels can easily be treated, while suede bags will require a water and oil repellent. Leather-protecting products should be applied with a clean cotton cloth. Always test any products on a small patch first to check for discoloration.

With everyday use, the inevitable is bound to happen. Once damage has occurred, it’s best to leave it to the professionals to restore your bag. Even something as simple as having the zipper replaced can add new life to your designer bags.

If the skin or strap of your purse is damaged, ripped or scratched, our leather repair store in Toronto has a range of services to help restore your bag to its former glory.

Bags need to be stored correctly to extend their life, ideally in an upright position in a dust bag or clean pillowcase. Never put them in vinyl or plastic as this will trap moisture and ruin the skin. To keep the shape, try stuffing your bag with scarves or a soft sweater. Removable straps should be unclipped, and the handles crossed over each other.

The handbag lining needs to be protected, so ensure cosmetics and liquids are kept in a pouch. Click pens should be avoided, choose one with a cap to prevent ink leaks.

Following these tips will ensure your bag is still attracting envious looks for years to come!


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