Saphir Applicator Pad Pro

Saphir Applicator Pad Pro

USD $4.99

Foam applicator pad with handle, for perfect application of Pigmenting Cream, Renovating Cream, Juvacuir…

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Foam applicator pad with black handle.

For perfect application of Saphir products such as Universal CreamRenovating Cream, and Juvacuir.

Overall height = 4.5 cm, foam height = 2 cm,  diameter = 4.5 cm


Precision, durability, and sustainability converge in the Saphir Applicator Pad Pro, a tool crafted to give your leatherwear the attention to detail it rightfully deserves. Tailored to complement Saphir’s esteemed range of shoe care products such as Saphir Juvacuir and Saphir Renovating Cream, this applicator pad is a game-changer in footwear maintenance. Here is why:

Achieve Color Perfection: Exclusively designed in classic black, this applicator pad not only performs but also aesthetically aligns with your existing shoe care kit, adding a touch of luxury to your maintenance routine.

Precision, Guaranteed: The ergonomic design coupled with premium sponge material ensures that you achieve an even and meticulous application. Each swipe delivers the exact amount of cream needed, covering every nook and cranny of your footwear for a lustrous shine.

Sustainably Smart: In our commitment to eco-conscious living, we advocate for applicator longevity. Rather than investing in a new kit every time your applicator wears out, make the greener choice by simply swapping it out with Saphir’s Applicator Pad Pro. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

Say Goodbye to Inconsistency: Worn-out applicators often lead to uneven polishing, which tarnishes your footwear’s appearance and your efforts. Make the easy switch to the Saphir Applicator Pad Pro for consistently superior results, every single time.

Universal Compatibility: Although it is optimized for Saphir products, the universal nature of this applicator makes it a versatile addition to any shoe care arsenal.

Whether you are preparing for a pivotal meeting or you are committed to a weekly polishing ritual, the Saphir Applicator Pad Pro is not just a tool; it is an investment in the longevity and beauty of your footwear. Upgrade to this indispensable applicator and experience shoe care like never before—because excellence is in the details, and your shoes deserve nothing less.

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