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Saphir Médaille d’Or Pate De Luxe Wax Polish

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Pate De Luxe wax polish is a unique traditional formulation. The finest natural oils and waxes are used to achieve superior cleaning, nourishing, and protection while producing a high-gloss shine to leather goods.

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Saphir Pate De Luxe

The Pate de Luxe Saphir Médaille d’Or shoe polish is specially made for the care of your most valuable shoes. Its complex formula permits to achieve glazing quickly. It contains 7 different qualities of waxes: animal (beeswax), vegetable (carnauba wax), each with a specific technical property: to nourish, soften, add shine, protect, and impart a nice smell.

The pigments have been selected for their qualities of coloring, penetration, and transparency to obtain incomparable sheen.

Using Saphir’s Pate De Luxe is the best product to do a quick glass polish.

People often get confused between wax shoe polish and cream shoe polish. Though both are used to condition your shoe, wax shoe polish is composed of a high amount of hard wax and light pigmentation to give a more refined and polished look to your shoes. If your shoe has minor scuff marks, no problem, a good wax shoe polish will take care of it to give your shoe a more fresh look. Besides adding shine to your leather shoes for which wax and cream polish are famous, they also make your shoes water-resistant and increase their life.

If you want to keep your shoe fresh as new, never skip the part of the conditioning of shoes in your shoe-care regime to make it last longer. At ShoeMedic, we sell different products from various brands in one place to increase the life of your shoes, and one such shoe product that you should have is Saphir pate de luxe. Saphir pate de luxe is a wonder product for your shoes; its thick consistency creates a thick layer that also fills some minor scuffs. It is made with beeswax and Carnauba wax that keeps your shoes shiny, waterproof and makes it last longer.

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