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Saphir Medaille dOr Renovateur Macadamia

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Introducing Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Macadamia: the ultimate leather care solution that breathes new life into your cherished items. This luxurious, award-winning formula combines the nourishing properties of macadamia oil with the legendary expertise of Saphir to deliver unparalleled rejuvenation for your leather goods.

Saphir’s Renovateur Macadamia is specifically crafted to cleanse, condition, and revive all types of smooth leather, including shoes, bags, and accessories. The gentle yet powerful formula penetrates deep into the leather fibers, restoring suppleness and enhancing the natural patina. Infused with macadamia oil, this rich treatment not only nourishes but also imparts a subtle, elegant sheen that showcases the beauty of your leather items.

Easy to apply and suitable for use on even the most delicate leathers, Saphir Medaille d’Or Renovateur Macadamia is an essential addition to your leather care arsenal. Trust in the centuries of French expertise to maintain the quality and longevity of your prized leather possessions.

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Saphir Medaille dOr Renovateur Macadamia is for maintaining and renovating leather. This formula is similar in its formulation to the famous RENOVATEUR Saphir Médaille d’Or but without mink oil.
To limit the use of animal oil, this mink oil is replaced by macadamia oil known for its nourishing and regenerating properties. Made from the nut of an Australian shrub, macadamia oil is rich in protein and fatty acids such as palmitoleic acid.
The Renovator MACADAMIA Sapphire Gold Medal is a non-greasy cream solvent that is suitable for all smooth leathers.

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