Tarrago Conditioner

Tarrago Conditioner

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Tarrago Conditioner’s special formulation fully opens the leather pores making the dyeing process easier and more effective.

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Prepares the leather for dyeing without damaging it, removing dirt and finishing. The special formulation fully opens the leather pores making the dyeing process easier and more effective.

Suitable for leather and synthetic leather.

  1. Apply with a used scouring pad (It is important that it be a used pad to not scratch the leather) or with a cloth (in cases when leather pores can be easily accessed or when the finish is really damaged).
  2. Soak the pad and rub lightly the whole surface to die.
  3. Let dry before dying.

When applying over synthetic leather, use a cloth instead a scouring pad.



Unlock the true potential of your leather with the Tarrago Conditioner, expertly formulated to prime your footwear for a flawless dyeing experience. By not just cleaning but also conditioning, this solution ensures that your leather remains undamaged and rejuvenated, ready to absorb dye with heightened effectiveness.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Optimal Preparation: Tarrago Conditioner delicately removes residual dirt, finishing, and previous treatments from the leather. This ensures an even dyeing surface for optimal color uptake.
  • Advanced Formulation: Our special mix fully unlocks the leather pores, facilitating a dyeing process that is not only easier but ensures richer, deeper color results.
  • All-Around Stripper: Beyond its conditioning prowess, Tarrago Conditioner serves as an exceptional paint stripper. Whether it’s creams, oils, or dyes from past applications, it efficiently strips them away without causing harm, courtesy of its unique blend of solvents and surfactants.
  • Versatility in Every Drop: With its colorless nature, Tarrago Conditioner is apt for any footwear color. While primarily recommended for smooth leather, it’s equally effective on synthetic leather, ensuring all your shoes can be prepped and primed to perfection.

Usage Guidelines: For optimal results on smooth leather, apply using a pre-used scouring pad to ensure the leather isn’t scratched. If the leather pores are distinct or the finish seems particularly worn, a cloth will serve you better.

  1. Dampen the pad or cloth with the conditioner.
  2. Gently rub across the entire surface set to be dyed.
  3. For synthetic leather, always opt for a cloth rather than a scouring pad.
  4. Given its alcoholic composition, the Tarrago Conditioner dries swiftly, allowing you to proceed to dyeing without lengthy waits.

However, please note that the Tarrago Conditioner isn’t suitable for suede and nubuck.

With Tarrago Conditioner, ensure your leather footwear is not just ready but eagerly waiting to be transformed. For dyeing endeavors that resonate with vibrancy and longevity, always start with Tarrago.

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