Tarrago Leather Care Balm

Tarrago Leather Care Balm

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Tarrago Balm helps to prepare the leather before applying cream or another product thanks to its ability to clean the natural pore of the leather.

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Tarrago Balm is a cleaning and nourishing soft cream that is essential for the maintenance of footwear, bags, belts, sofas, accessories, leather goods and leather upholstery.

Suitable for smooth leather.

Wax-based balm containing mineral waxes and vegetable oils.

1. Remove dust and dirt from the surface.
2. Shake the container vigorously.

3. Apply the product on a soft cloth.

4. Apply on the surface with a soft cloth.

5. Let dry for 5 minutes.

6. Once dry, rub with a soft polishing cloth.

Black and dark brown Tarrago Balm contains pigments to recolor the leather, so we recommend covering any areas that you are not trying to dye. 

125ml. Available in black, neutral and dark brown.


A Must-Have in Every Leather Enthusiast’s Collection! The Tarrago Balm stands out as a premium cleaning and nourishing soft cream, tailor-made for those who truly value the longevity and appearance of their leather items. Whether it’s footwear, handbags, belts, plush sofas, trendy accessories, or any leather goods and furnishings, this balm is an indispensable component of your leather care routine.

Its formulation boasts a rich content of natural waxes which not only render a polished finish but also offer superior protection against moisture, ensuring your leather stays pristine in all weather conditions. Moreover, Tarrago Balm plays a pivotal role in the pre-conditioning stage, priming the leather by cleaning its natural pores thoroughly. This step proves crucial before the application of any creams or subsequent products, ensuring they permeate effectively and offer the desired effect.

Crafted with an infusion of high-quality mineral waxes coupled with oils derived from vegetable sources, its formula stands testament to the union of science and nature. The result? A rejuvenated, radiant finish for your smooth leather items, be it footwear or clothing. Its action accentuates the inherent colors, giving them a new lease of life without altering their original charm.

Coming in a generous 125ml packaging, you’ll find that a little goes a long way, enabling you to cleanse and nourish multiple pairs of shoes or various leather items. Furthermore, its versatile colorless composition means you can confidently apply it to any colored leather without hesitation. Rest assured, not only will the original hues remain unaffected, but the breathability of your leather items will also remain uncompromised. Your leather deserves the best, and Tarrago Balm promises just that!

The Quintessential Solution for Leather Aficionados: The Tarrago Balm isn’t just another leather care product; it’s a veritable experience in the realm of leather maintenance. Heralded as the pinnacle of cleaning and nourishing solutions, it’s a soft cream designed meticulously for discerning individuals who have an intrinsic appreciation for the texture, feel, and longevity of their cherished leather articles. Be it the elegant pair of boots you wear on special occasions, the luxurious handbag you carry daily, those statement belts, your opulent leather sofas, chic accessories, or even the everyday leather goods and interior furnishings, the Tarrago Balm seamlessly integrates into every facet of your leather care regimen.

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